About a month ago, our head advisor, Rosslyn, traveled back to Kenya to continue Kupatia's mission of empowerment. During her travels she met two more girls, Sharon & Karen, who I'm excited to announce will be joining our team in order to sponsor their educational path. These two, much like our five others, house so much potential in their hearts that it's difficult to remember they come lives riddled with pain. Sharon's story, in particular, resonated with me because from afar she appears to go through the same struggles of any "normal" teen... stressed out by school and work etc. But, in reality, she has to handle way more than any person I know. She's constantly under the pressure from her family to appear strong and composed, even when she's dealing with the loss of her father. She speaks of how she looks at her friends who are care-free and having fun, and it just breaks her heart. When I hear of someone having to go through this awful position everyday, it makes me really consider what's going on in my life right now and thank God that I'm lucky enough to have my parents, a home, and a strong educational support system. All I can say is I'm so happy that someone as deserving as Sharon is getting the push to be where she wants in life.