KUPATIA is beginning as a small organization focusing on one tiny part of Africa, but it has the potential to grow and help girls all around the world. Let's make it happen.  


Our Mission

KUPATIA, the Swahili word meaning "to give", was founded March of 2015 by sisters, Eavan & Siobhan Burke, and Ella Son under the guidance of Mrs. Rosslyn Njuguna. It is a giving organization whose goal is to help young girls working on the tea plantations in Muranga, Kenya. These girls know no other life than that of 12 hour days of intense physical labor underneath the African sun and are only paid roughly a $2-3 USD a day for their work. Rosslyn, who grew up in Kenya herself, initially informed Eavan, Siobhan, and Ella of the Kenyan girls' situation. Upon hearing this and doing some additional investigation, Eavan decided to take action and came up with the idea to start selling tea with the hope in mind to take the profits and use them to help young girls get the opportunities that they deserve.