Here's just a small taste of what we've done so far and our plans for the future.

First Official Board Meeting

A few of our creative minds brainstorming and talking strategy at the first ever KUPATIA meeting. Lot's of ideas both good and bad were thrown around that day. Exciting stuff...we know.  From left to right: Eavan, Siobhan, Rosslyn, Ella's dad... Rick


Actions Speak Louder 

We (Eavan, Siobhan,and Rosslyn) were lucking enough to travel to Kenya in order to really understand what the women there are being faced with and how exactly we can help. While we were there, we were able to spend a week in the lives of the women that we are trying to help. We spoke to each girl that we met while working on the plantations so as to discover what they need and what necessities they are lacking. KUPATIA's true first step.

Let The Plucking Begin

We arrived in the Hills of Maragwa Monday August 3rd and three solid days of "plucking". Bullet point summary, amazing people, amazing country, amazing working conditions, amazing attitudes! Funny how amazing can be a catch all phrase for many things both good and bad. Let me recatagorize, amazingly beautiful country, amazingly BAD working conditions, Amazingly positive and happy people, and most importantly other wordly positive attitudes from young ladies that have nothing by our standards.