Update on Kenya

You may be wondering what's happened to the girls who were in their last term of high school... Well, Jecinta & Angelicah, both took their final high school exam, but unfortunately they didn't get high enough scores to be admitted to university. Basically, without a university grade education, it's almost impossible for someone to get a credible job in Kenya, if not all of Africa. With that being said, we have decided to push Jecinta & Angelicah to repeat Form 4 (aka senior year of high school) so that they can have another shot at being admitted to university. They worked so hard this past year and it's a shame to see their drive and passion be shut down by one defining moment. The thing is, they're so willing to do whatever it takes to get the chance at a better life that if we simply cannot deny them the opportunity at a second chance. Best of luck to these AMAZING girls!