Fall Down. Get Back Up.

When my partners and I started KUPATIA, I thought that anyone I talked to about it would immediately get on board and want to help. Oh, how wrong I was. 

I can honestly say that I've never faced so much rejection in my life than I have trying to sell KUPATIA to the people around me. Not to say that everyone has been a tough sell, as we've had some absolutely wonderful people helping us towards our goal, but there have been SOOOO many people that have just shut us down. Being a young girl, I've not had to face many obstacles, so when I began to tell people the story of KUPATIA I was ready to be welcomed with open arms, however, lots of people (even people I consider to be close friends) have feigned interest and given me a trite "not today" or "maybe some other time" when I bring up my non-profit. I mean, all I'm trying to do here is help some girls get the education that deserve... I'm really not asking for much, yet some people have such a hard time giving when it reaps no personal benefit. 

This rejection, although disheartening, has been teaching that it's ok to be told no. It just means that you have to pick yourself up, swallow your pride, and move on to the next person. For every person that says no thanks, it motivates me to get 10 yes's to make up for them.