Holidays- the season of giving (tea)

Yesterday we had a great day selling tea on the Manhattan Beach pier and we would like to say thank you to everyone that listened to a single word we had to say about our story. Even though not everyone is always willing or able to help, jus being able to share what we are trying to do better educates the public of a major problem through the world: lack of girls education. We are greatly appreciative to everyone that gave donations or purchased tea, in the one day we were able to cover a full year's tuition for one of our girls abroad. I, Siobhan, was selling tea with the help of my amazing friend Bella Wright, and let me just say thank you so much to her. She is someone  never afraid to approach a stranger and simply exudes the best energy, perfect for inspiring people to help us with our cause.  In asking someone to give, many are reluctant because they initially think that they will be losing something, but more often than not, in giving you are able to receive more than you could have thought. Who doesn't feel great when giving someone a gift they know they love, so why not give a gift that can never truly be repaid: the gift of education. You cannot image how much these girls will be able to benefit from this education. Thank you again to everyone who listened and please, please share our story because who doesn't to support girls education?