Why education?

Although it may seem crazy to many of us, there are still some people in the world asking, "Why should a girl be educated?"  I'm here to provide some reasons why. Education not only creates intelligent people who are better prepared to go into the workforce, but establishes a foundation for every aspect of one's life. I am a part of Model United Nations at my school and in my past few conferences my committees have dealt with human rights issues and protection of natural resources. In discussion of these crises we get to hear from numerous bright, young minds of possible solutions, one of the most common overarching solutions is education. Education provides a platform for not only teaching the public the "core curriculum" of writing, math, science, and history, but is also a way to inform the population of major issues in their society. These issues can range from environmental problems to health issues to governmental issues and when the public is educated, they are more inclined to be involved in the issues; learning from the mistakes of the past so they may be able prevent them in the future. For these advantages to take place, you can not have only half of the population being put through schools. Educating women leads to a smaller wage gap between men and women and educating girls decreases the amount of deaths in childbirth. There are so many reasons to explain why girls deserve education, but asking why girls should get an education is almost like asking why we breathe... it is vital.