Getting back in the swing of things

       It has been a little while since we have been consistently active on the site giving updates and information to you. There are no excuses for it we have been slipping, no failing. Sometimes I think from failure the best lessons can be learned. I am taking the disappointment in myself and transferring it into fueling the fire of trying to better my own habits. Such as, learning ways to  handle rejection. It can be rough facing rejection in situations, but we have to learn that even the strongest people will have to hear the word "no". Rather than taking the rejection and letting it bring you down, utilize it as a motivation and prove those who are doubting you wrong. We are trying to turn ourselves around and do just that. We want to show those that were not willing to see the power and greatness of what we are doing that we are going to make a change in the world. Though it may seem that we are starting small, one person can turn to five then five into to ten, and we can only grow from there!