Pop Up Sale- New York

Yesterday we had a pop up sale and we were able to sell over $700 worth of tea. This pop up was done at Bard College in New York and sadly didn't have very much preparation to it. I can only imagine how much more could have happened, and the increase in the amount sold if more time had been put into the event on our parts. Although it has been a little over a year since this journey of kupatia began, we are still having to learn from our mistakes. We may not be proud to admit it, but we often get wrapped up in or own lives and overlook those that need our help. It is difficult to constantly be thinking of others, humans are selfish by nature, so we need to be conscious of applying extra effort to this and make sure that more effort is applied. i'm sorry this went a bit off topic but I want to connect it back to the fact that putting in extra effort and time can make a difference and should be taken into consideration. Now we know for next time!