Helping Hands

As of this moment, we have $1,534 to pay in tuition fees before the end of December, meaning it is time to really lock down and Sell! Sell! Sell! Over the past weekend we packaged and shipped 300 bags out to New York for "big sis" to continue her support toward our girls while she is out in college. While going through this process I reached out to ask for a few helping hands and was reminded of a story my father once told me titled The Little Red Hen, during which the Red Hen asks friends to aid her in her work and time and time again they turn her down. This continues until there is a reward to be gained from all of her hard work; all of her friends wish to reap the rewards, but the Hen states that one must work hard to gain rewards. Do not get me wrong I'm not saying I did something extremely strenuous or amazing in my working on packaging and labeling and sealing the tea, but I was exposed to a different side of charity work that is not as often revealed. I do not have any hard feelings in the slightest to those who were not able to assist me in my preparations for selling, but I now realize that you cannot count on all people for all aspects of your life. Although, when you find those who will be there for you no matter the situation, hold on tight because they are a rare commodity in this "New Age" world of selfies and selfishness.