Our Little Field Trip

Our second day in Muranga we went on a “field trip” to one of the tea processing factories with some friends we made the day before (Beatrice, Agnyss, and Carol).  At the factory we went on a tour around the whole building. We got to se the whole drying and blending process from the tea leaves from being freshly plucked yesterday to being completely dried and ground. At the factories they make 4 different grades of tea each one goes through a little bit different grinding process. The thinker the ground the lower the grade, and the highest grade grounds are the definitely the strongest tea. We also did a taste test of all the different grades of tea, and let me just say that even the lowest grade tea was too strong to drink alone. Which is why drinking the tea alone is very uncommon in Kenya, the tea is usually drunk with more than half of the cup filled with whole milk and a few spoonfuls of sugar.