First Day in the Fields...(this isn't easy)

On our first day on the job, we woke up at 6AM, roosters in the background, breakfast was.....tea, (imagine that), and this porridge type stuff that tasted like paste in first grade. It supposedly sticks to your guts and makes it so you don't get hungry in the middle of the day. This surely isnt like working at Google with catered lunches every day. No one gets fed here the entire time we work. A bowl of cheerios would sure be nice right about now. It's freezing out and  Mbao, the man that runs the plantation,  reminded us we are at about 7500 ft. here in Maragua. Even though we are only 300 miles away from the Equator it's down right cold for us Califonia girls. We go straight onto the steep slope and the "plucking" is about to commence. Going to be a long day. 

Eavan & Siobhan