Meet our "chosen sisters".

Below are the stories of five absolutely amazing young girls from Kenya who have the potential to become even greater. As of now, we here at KUPATIA are working day and night to help them reach said potential by funding their schooling and basic needs. Now we know reading isn't much fun but if you take the time to get to know these young women like we have, you could be the change that they've been waiting for. 

Angelicah Njeri Mwirua

She is 18 yrs of age and in Form 4 her last yr of high school. She was raised by her grandmother who was struggling to raise her and two of her other siblings. Her mother was a single parent so she left them with their grandparent who has raised them since they were young. She has been to two other high schools which were day schools, but determined to succeed, she on her very own searched for a boarding school so that she can concentrate on her studies and found Gichagi-ini Secondary School. She was determined to get better education and at the day school the financial burden resulted in her being sent home many times due to lack of tuition and the moments she was able to attend classes, the household work and working in the farm prevented her from being able to study and excel in her studies

Upon joining Gichagi-ini Secondary school she became the School Captain and was also the Football (Soccer) captain where they were 3rd in the entire Muranga County championship, something she is very proud of

She decided to repeat Form 2 when she moved to this school to improve her performance, which improved, but as fate would have it, in Form 4 she has been sent home many times due to lack of tuition and unfortunately she fell behind in her classes andher grades have suffered as a result.

She hopes to have a donor to sponsor her for the remainder of her high school education where she can concentrate and improve her grades with hopes of getting admitted to a university.

She would like to be an Accountant.  She is full of life and a bright star

Lydiah Njeri Mwangi

Lydiah Njeri Mwangi.JPG

She is 16 yrs and is in Form 2 (2nd yr of high school). Tuition challenges have prevented Lydiah from continuous attendance which has greatly affected her performance. Her family is financially challenged so even basic things she needs in her class such as a calculator are close to impossible for her family to afford not to mention other requirements they are supposed to meet as boarding students such as proper school uniforms, books, and dormitory/housing items so many a times she goes without. Lydiah is a shy girl but determined to be a pilot